Monday, July 31, 2006

Thirst for power knows no boundaries...Hatch willing to sacrifice innocents...

Always the political opportunist, Mike Hatch, noting Bush's veto for federal funding of embryonic stem cell research, seized the moonbat standard and ran with the soundbite of using taxpayer money to fund aborting children in the name of pseudo science:

Attorney General Mike Hatch said Sunday that he will propose spending $100 million of state money over 10 years on embryonic stem cell research, if he is elected governor.

Hatch said at a news conference at the State Capitol that President Bush's recent veto of expanded federal funding for stem cell research has created a void that states must fill.

Make no mistake about it. Mike Hatch wants to use Minnesota's taxpayer monies to fund what can only be described as macabre Mengelian pursuits on the most innocent among us.

Stem cell "research" as it stands now involves nothing less than the destroying--killing--of a human embryo-- a human life in its earliest form--to harvest stem cells which have shown not so much as a hint of a promise of utility in curing human maladies:
The DFL endorsed candidate for governor said Minnesota should be a leader in such research. Hatch cited the promise of stem cell research to cure diseases such as Alzheimer's and diabetes.
There is not now nor has there been any credible promise of a cure for Alzheimer's using embryonic stem cells!!! Aside from the fact that there is no known way to grow a stem cell into a brain cell, embryonic stem cells have not been tested on human beings for the simple reason that they are unstable, and create cancerous tumors when injected into mice!

Adult stem cells, on the other hand, show the greatest promise, and are the most stable of stem cells.

Make no mistake about it. The motive to continue to destroy human embryos (again--a human life in its earliest form) is not for scientific, but for political purposes! The end game in all of this is to de-humanize embryos, so as to continue to make such heinous (yet profitable) practices as abortion and human organ farming all that much more palatable.

Mike Hatch knows this. But, like many other of the leftists out there, he is more than willing to kill innocents in the name of political gain.

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