Monday, July 17, 2006

....The damage control begins...

From here:

Mattson to run against Entenza in DFL attorney general primary

The Associated Press

ST. PAUL — A St. Paul attorney says she will run against state Representative Matt Entenza for the D-F-L nomination for attorney general of Minnesota.

Jennifer Mattson says she is challenging the party's endorsed candidate because he hired a Chicago firm to investigate the current attorney general, Mike Hatch, who is running for governor. She also said Entenza faces a conflict of interest if elected because the attorney general is investigating UnitedHealth Group's granting of stock options. Entenza's wife is a UnitedHealth executive.

Jennifer Mattson's grandfather, Robert Mattson, was once attorney general, and her father, Robert Mattson, was state treasurer in the 1980s.

...and the resuscitation commences with this puff piece...

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Letter From Jennifer Mattson To Representative Matt Entenza

Dear Representative Entenza:

I have a personal history of supporting your campaigns for the state legislature. From 2001 to 2005, I resided in your district. My neighborhood law office is still in district 64A. I write this letter to you and deliver it in person with a sense of sadness.

I represent the views of many who are uncomfortable with the fact that you are seeking the office of attorney general at a time when the attorney general is investigating UnitedHealth Group, Inc. and the issuance of $2.4 billion in stock options. I concur with the attorney general and those Minnesotans who publicly question how you could serve as attorney general while the office is investigating the $30.8 million in UnitedHealth stock options granted to your wife. It appears to be an irreconcilable conflict. You are seeking the wrong office at the wrong time given your personal circumstances.

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