Thursday, April 12, 2007

Q: How are commonsense bills and crash-test dummies alike?

A. They both hit brick walls.

Our local Minnesota representative, Steve Gottwalt, has authored H213281. Basically, this bill gives the opportunity for all those with a "Willing to Pay for a Better Minnesota" yard sign to put their money where their mouth is, and check off that they're willing to pay more income tax for education, health care, and state parks; while allowing those who already feel they are taxed enough to be taxed at a lower rate.

According to Steve,
The "Please Tax Me More" bill (HF2132) received a hearing today in the House Tax Committee, and has been laid over for possible inclusion in the House Tax Omnibus Bill. It was an invigorating discussion, but unfortunately generated little exchange between GOP and DFL committee members. I expect it will not be included in the Omnibus Bill, but it will make a good floor amendment.
With all due respect, Mr. Gottwalt, with folks like Pogemiller, Tarryl Clark and Haws at the reins, I would look for pigs to sprout wings before such commonsense sees the light of day in the Minnesota Legislature.

Asking those who are supposedly willing to pay more for a better Minnesota to actually do so?

Why, the nerve, Mr. Gottwalt!


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