Friday, August 22, 2008

Larry Haws: Endorsing Central Minnesota Values?

I think not
(St. Cloud)
“I'm supporting Al Franken because I believe he has the courage to fight the good fight. We share an American dream: affordable and excellent public education, safe communities, and jobs that pay a decent wage. Al has the wisdom to guide our country in the right direction, the passion to stand up for Minnesota families, and a sense of humor that will help him put up with the politics necessary to create a better America.
Larry Haws...moderate?? Keep in mind that Haws' ringing endorsement of the foul-mouthed, ethically-challenged Al Franken is not a Johnny-come-lately affair, with "Grandpa Haws" endorsing Franken back in July of 2007.

Don't let the grandfatherly exterior fool you. Haws is as liberal as one can get, and embodies central Minnesota values more like Nancy Pelosi than anyone else.