Monday, August 04, 2008

Update on Brooke, 8-4-08

From her Caring Bridge website:
Brooke has now been switched to a four hour checkup schedule. This allows her to rest for longer periods and also stay calm. They checked her breathing ability at 10am. Today she made it 7 minutes before her blood pressure, heart rate and cranial pressure rose too much for comfort. That is more than double the time she lasted yesterday. It is still concerning that she gets very agitated during this, but improvement is all we can ask for.

The doctors have slowed the respirator down, but increased the size of breathes that she receives. This exercises and strengthens her lungs more to move toward the eventual respirator removal.

The nurses are very impressed with Brooke's resiliency. Her determination is showing more each day.
Thanks again for your continued prayers. A benefit account has been established for Brooke and her family that can be contributed to at any Bremer Bank. Brooke's parents have to take off of work; Brooke's dad is an independent small business man, and Brooke's mom works for a bank; and she is not eligible for any paid leave, since Brooke is over age 18.

Personally, I will see if I can set up a paypal account that will allow online donations.

If you can spare a few dollars, that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!