Thursday, August 14, 2008

A Weatherman Comes Clean....

Weatherman warns of catastrophic climate change
Zurawski's book focuses on risks to Maritimes

Halifax News NetBedford resident Richard Zurawski is a well-known meteorologist, television and radio host, public speaker and documentary film maker. He's also an author who is preparing to launch his third book, The Maritime Book of Climate Change, published by Pottersfield Press.
Zurawski agreed to respond to a few questions about his latest book.

Q: Why do you prefer the term "climate change" as opposed to "global warming?"

Zurawski: Global warming is a very general and inaccurate term. All planets with an atmosphere have global warming: the atmosphere traps the heat and warms the planet above what it would otherwise be if it did not have an atmosphere. So in a sense, global warming is not the issue. Climate change is the issue that we have to deal with. As the world heats up, some places will actually cool, though most will warm (in the short term).
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If I may, I'd like to borrow one of Vox Poplar's stainless steel tubes of truth, leaving Mr. Zurawski unable to lie.

Psycmeister: Mr. Zurawski, your picture makes you look like a harmless little fuzzball of a weatherman. Are you really that harmless, and are your intentions only about the improvement of the environment and of humanity?

Zurawski: Glad you asked that, Psycmeister! Actually, I'm a flaming leftist--so flaming that I loathe humanity. In fact, like every other enviro-nutter worth hizzer weight in salt, I invoked the Nazis and am calling for a Nuremberg-type trial for all the evil corporate polluters! Allow me to quote from my blog:
1939 was such a time, when the political forces of Europe reached a roiling cusp that forever altered the world and threw away reason and compromise. Almost seventy years later so many of us still walk in that terrible shadow trying to make sense of it. I could not help but wonder, whether today we too are in a bubble of smug delusion, watching not political forces or human armies alining themselves against us, but those of the environment. Will our children, seventy years from now search the ruins of what once was, for some tiny understanding, explanation of why it was that when so many sounded salient warnings, we still marched off in lockstep to be annihilated by our own hubris?

Will we look at the leaders of our political and business world of today and in the aftermath of a wrecked environment demand an ecological Nuremberg? Are these so called leaders with their shortsightedness and myopic perspective, today through their inaction inviting those who survive to issue proclamations of crimes not only against humanity, but of crimes against life itself?

If we invite chaos into the world, knowingly risking so much for so many, are we not guilty as charged? Are not the companies and their boards of directors and the governments who supported them, those who sidestepped and subverted all the rules and moral guidelines for profit, obfuscated until there was nothing but chaos and destruction, as guilty as the warmongers of seventy years ago?

Psycmeister: Wow, Mr. Zurawski-- you really are a flaming commie nutcase, aren't you?

Zurawski: Well, Psyc--I do my best! But I'm crazy like a fox.

Psycmeister: How do you mean?

Zurawski: Well, like other died in the wool commies, I believe that the environmental movement makes a perfect front for us to defeat capitalism once and for all. We goad our willing congressional and other governmental useful idiots into placing impossible standards and regulations for businesses to meet. If they start asking questions or giving us grief, we make a beeline to the lamestream media, hold a press conference, and call those politicians evil, greedy slaves to corporate America who don't care if their children drink dirty water or breathe dirty air. This works even better during an election year. Once our agenda is passed via legislation, or even better, via the court system or other unaccountable environmental agency, we just sit back and watch the economy implode. Like shooting fish in a barrel.

Psycmeister: Well, when the economy does implode, won't lots of people suffer?

Zurawski: The end justifies the means, man. When the economy collapses, the people get angry, stage a revolt, and that's where we come in and snatch up power!

Psycmeister: Power to the people?

Zurawski: No, man--power to US.. The proletariat can't be trusted with power to control their own destinies. That's where we come in.. Haven't you read up on your Marx, dude?

Psycmeister: So do you really believe that global warming stuff?

Zurawski: Like man, I really don't know, and I don't give a shit. Like I said, the environmental hysteria is merely a means to an end.

Psycmeister: I don't know, Mr. Zurawski--lots of people, including lots of scientists, are beginning to understand your global warming scam for what it is...

Zurawski: Man-- like channel P.T. Barnum, will you? That's why I told the interviewer that we now prefer the term, "climate change," Either way we've hedged our bets! And for every one of those 30,000+ scientists who don't buy our schtick, I'll give you a dozen politicians, willing media dupes, and other pseudo-scientists who do! We just keep on repeating the lie, louder and louder, til we drown out the inconvenient truth that we're lying. It's like sellin' snake oil, man. We've borrowed pages from middle-ages religion. We make people believe by faith alone, and cast nonbelievers out as heretics! We're still workin' on the burnin'-at-the-stake part.

Psycmeister: I'm sure you'll find a sympathetic judge.

Zurawski: No doubt, man.

Psycmeister: This interview is over.