Saturday, August 16, 2008

RINOs for Obama?

Unsurprisingly, Lincoln Chaffee is one of them. As is Jim Leach (who supported sending Dhimmi Carter as an envoy to "broker peace" between Israel and the Palestinians). And Rita Hauser.

Wait a minute--who is Rita Hauser?

Glad you asked.
A professor coming to Columbia University this fall to head up a Middle East studies institute has said that killing armed Israelis is legitimate Palestinian "resistance" to occupation.

The money Columbia is using to pay the professor comes in part from Rita Hauser, a high-profile New York philanthropist whose former law firm was a registered agent of the Palestinian Authority. Also contributing was a foundation with close ties to Saudi Arabia.
So, a message to Team Obammesiah: You want these three self-loathing, mental midget clowns to head up your "GOP for Obama" contingent? Fine. They're a great match for your self-loathing, America-blaming platform.

You can have them, with shouts of "good riddance," to boot.

Take all the RINOs you want.

We never claimed them to begin with.