Thursday, August 07, 2008

Update on Brooke, 8-7-08

I finally got back from Fargo yesterday, but what a difference a day makes:

THURSDAY, AUGUST 07, 2008 11:14 AM, CDT
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Of all the journals through the last week, I don't know what to write. Brooke has regained consciousness 6 1/2 days after the accident. She knows who she is, she knows who we are. She didn't know what had happened and does not remember the past week. She asked if Doug was ok after telling her what happened. She shook Dr. Mendez's hand and as classy as can be, he took no credit. What an amazing last half hour.

Brooke is in pain and having difficulty breathing, but is doing just fine. She whispered that she wanted to take a nap. I'll update more as the day goes by and as she is awake. The nurses say that the last week has not been sleep that is restful, so her body litterally feels like she's been up for days. Say a prayer of thanks!!!!!

Thanks to all for your prayers and well-wishes!