Sunday, August 03, 2008

Update on Brooke, 8-3-08

Some mixed news today...

Brooke's lungs are now completely inflated; however, when they tried taking her off of the ventilator she breathed for three minutes, and her ICP (intercranial pressure) went up to 30. Anything over 20 is dangerous. After the breathing tube was re-started, the ICP again went down.

Brooke, however, continues to respond to commands (but only with males--she's more stubborn with females).

The road to recovery will be long...

And when it rains, it pours... I just got an email from my sister in law....and her sister is in critical condition..

I just want to give you an update.

My sister Sheila is in ICU at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. She has been really sick for the last week or two.

She has Kidney/Liver failure; the toxics are in her brain.

She is on a ventilator and has a pressure point machine in her brain to reduce the toxics.

She took a turn for the worst last night that the family is going down today.

Hopefully she will make a miracle recovery. Please keep her in your prayers, and give my mother the strength that she needs to handle this situation.
Sheila is young, only in her 40s.

Please, keep Sheila in your prayers, as well... thanks.