Friday, August 15, 2008

Send in your membership dues...

And you, too, can be a graduate from the Josef Goebbels school of technology:

Those who make human behavior their business aim to make living "green" your business.

Armed with new research into what makes some people environmentally conscious and others less so, the 148,000-member American Psychological Association is stepping up efforts to foster a broader sense of eco-sensitivity that the group believes will translate into more public action to protect the planet.

"We know how to change behavior and attitudes. That is what we do," says Yale University psychologist Alan Kazdin, association president. "We know what messages will work and what will not."

Yes, you, too can be a graduate from the Josef Geobbels School of Technology, where you'll learn mind control techniques, as well as humility lessons from Barack Obama.

Now you know why I refuse to become a member.