Thursday, March 17, 2005

March of the RINOs continues.. Coleman does it again!

Deficit??? We ain't got no stinkin deficit!! At least that's what you'd think if you were watching the democrats and the usual cadre of RINOs. Yes, our own beloved Norm Coleman, along with the usual suspects, like the venerable Lincoln Chaffee, Susan Collins of Maine, Mike DeWine of Ohio, Gordon Smith of Oregon, Olympia Snowe of Maine, and the always-available Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania. This fine cadre of clowns thought it in the best interest of the taxpayers and their progeny to keep on throwing their hard-earned money (and their children's and grandchildren's hard-earned money) into an already outrageously-corrupt program. Not only did our fearless senator vote to restore the reductions in spending in opposition to our President, but he co-authored the bill and is damn proud of it!

Hey Normie (perhaps when you start voting in a manner consistent with the wishes of those who voted for you, I'll think of a more respectable title)...Here's a hint for you: Keep the cuts. Allay the burden on the producers of this country. Allay the unnecessary burden on our kids and grandkids. Go after the millions in Medicaid fraud instead. Even in Alaska, one of our least populated states:

Medicaid provider fraud costs American taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars annually and threatens the integrity of the Medicaid program. Nationally, it is estimated that Fraud, Waste and Abuse account for 10 to 20 percent of the payments made by Medicaid. If the National trends hold true for the State of Alaska, these percentages equate to 30 million to 70 million Medicaid dollars annually, resulting in a substantial reduction in moneys available to provide necessary medical services to needy Alaskans.

Now multiply 30 to 70 million (in a low-population state) dollars per year times every state in the Union (including high population states) and you get the picture. Not to mention benefits for illegal aliens:

Applicants for emergency Medicaid are not required to provide information regarding their citizenship or immigration status.

But just like the democrats Normie and his RINO pals vote with, Ol' Normie, Chaffee, Snowe, Specter and the rest of the RINOs don't want to fix anything. Rather, their shallow-minded votes denote that they are only interested in keeping their base spoon fed with the illusion that they are looking out after everyone's best interest. Fact of the matter is, the only best interest the RINOs are looking out for is their own political backside.