Monday, March 14, 2005

Take that, Hezbollah...

Huge Demonstration in Lebanon Demands End to Syrian Control


Published: March 15, 2005

BEIRUT, Lebanon, March 14 - Lebanon's anti-Syria opposition regained the momentum on Monday as hundreds of thousands of Lebanese jammed Beirut's central square to demand the end to Syrian control of their country.

Seemingly every available space around the heart of the city overflowed with people waving the red-and-white striped Lebanese flag, in a showing that easily rivaled a pro-Syria rally last Tuesday organized by the radical Shiite party Hezbollah.

The Bush Doctrine is delivering as promised. As was seen in the old Soviet Union, one cannot dole out partial freedom to oppressed peoples and see them satisfied. When one has known oppression, a taste of freedom creates an unquenchable thirst for total freedom and self-determination. The greatest danger to freedom, friends, is visited on those who have never known oppression. Like a frog slowly boiling in water, one who has never known oppression is complacent and unaware of freedoms being chipped away, until it is too late. For our own sake, and even more so for the sake of our progeny, we'd better start feeling the heat.