Friday, March 11, 2005

Stick another fork in Clinton's legacy...

In an interview on Hannity & Colmes, Paula Jones expressed delight that her testimony against Bill Clinton in a sexual harrassment lawsuit was corroborated by lie detector evidence on Pax TV's Lie Detector show:

ROLONDA WATTS, HOST OF "LIE DETECTOR": You have come on "Lie Detector" to prove once and for all that former President Bill Clinton sexually harassed you. We asked you the following relevant question: Did President Clinton, when he was governor of Arkansas, expose his private parts to you in a hotel room? To which you answered yes. The lie detector has determined you are telling the truth, the truth.

I would actually pay to see Slick Willie do the same lie detector test. It would probably be smoking by the time he was done with it.

Part of the interview with Hannity & Paula Jones:

HANNITY: All right. Here it is, this long period of time after. Why did you want to do this, Paula?

JONES: Well, I mean, his book had just come out, you know, and it was "My Life," I think it was. But I consider it being "My Lies." And for one thing, he didn't talk about it very much, as though it never even happened in his life. And I felt like this was kind of like a bang, you know, to go against his book to let people know that I was telling the truth, once and for all.

You were telling the truth, Ms. Jones. You stuck up for what you knew was right. Too bad we had a commander-in-chief who, although taking a sacred a vow to uphold the Constitution, was unwilling to extend due process to an ordinary citizen. That, to me, was the whole crux behind Clinton's impeachment, and why he should have been convicted. This (along with the case of Juanita Broderick) was also illustrative as to the sexual predator that he was (and probably still is).

Clinton's legacy will no doubt be seen by historians as the most flagrant abuse of presidential power and privelege in American history, and rightly so.