Sunday, March 13, 2005

Secular Taliban Alive and Well in San Diego

It seems the Secular Taliban has scored another victory against the American culture. Religious intolerants reminiscent of the Taliban in Afghanistan through endless litigation have finally broken the backs of the San Diego City Council after 16 years of legal hell. The cross was erected over 50 years ago as part of a war memorial. This was definitely a victory for the Secular Taliban, who would enjoy nothing more than to see every vestige of our religious heritage wiped away from our landscape as if it never existed. At the same time, it is a definite loss for us and our children; if this trend continues they will grow up in a whitewashed (or should I say blackwashed) version of America. A significant part of our history and heritage will be erased, as if it never existed. San Diego, which is Spanish for St. James, will likely need to be re-named. Los Angeles, Corpus Christi, San Francisco, and even St. Cloud, wiped from the landscape. The fact that this cross is being taken away from a war memorial, portends the eventuality that the very crosses on our nation's most hallowed burial ground, Arlington National Cemetary, will eventually be no more.

I guess it begs the question, dear readers, just who will win this culture war? Make no mistake, the Secular Taliban, under the auspices of the ACLU and other leftist filth organizations, have their collective sights set on destroying a large part of our culture that has made our nation what it is, in favor of something it was never was nor never meant to be. I for one do not intend to go quietly into that good night, dear readers. I hope that neither will you.