Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Mealy-mouthed Ivory-Tower moonbats...at it again.

It appears that several "elite" institutions of higher learning have their pantywaists in a bunch regarding losing federal funding if they continue to block military recruiters from their campii:
An attorney arguing on behalf of the law schools told the justices that requiring schools to allow recruiters on campus when the military does not comply with their non-discrimination policies is an imposition on their free speech rights.
Nice try. Withholding funds does not impair your "freedom of speech". There is absolutely nothing in the concept of "freedom of speech" that absolves you from the possible consequences of what you choose to say.

You say not allowing recruiters on your campuses amounts to freedom of speech in expressing your loathing of the very apparatus that gave you that right? Fair enough. But then quit whining about having to deal with the ramifications of exercising your right to free speech. Our Founding Fathers were man enough to pledge life and fortune to back up what they believed. And you pantywaists are afraid of losing a few federal dollars? While at the same time you phonies have absolutely no problem with de-funding others who express their freedom of speech and have accepted hits on funding rather than compromise their principles.

Moonbats, if you really believe in this issue as much as you say that you do, then I say put your money where your mouth is! Continue your free speech. Just don't whine and moan and gnash your teeth when your free speech comes with consequences, you morons!

Another thing--this strawman of "don't ask don't tell" on which you have predicated your argument is so much BOLSHEVIK!. You loathe the military, pure and simple. You see our brave fighting men and women as an extension of an "unfair" monopoly on power that the U.S. projects, and would rather we be taken down a few notches by those who would just as soon lop off your head as look at you.

Gads, you're absolutely pathetic. You make me sick.

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