Tuesday, December 13, 2005

A study in conflicted emotions

Yeah, I know...Tookie assumed room temperature last night. As I have stated before, I am against the death penalty. It's my personal preference that convicts who would otherwise get the death penalty just live out the rest of their years in solitary confinement; no TV, no radio, no internet, bland diet--nothing but their thoughts to keep them company; where they could spend their remaining years thinking about the havoc that was caused via their actions.

Now I feel no singular sense of sorrow or shame when a convicted murderer gets the death penalty; I just don't think that it's our role to play God in this case.

I guess what I have the most difficulty with is the crowd who decries the death penalty for a person convicted of murdering four people in cold blood; after years of appeals and due process; yet I would venture to guess that many in that same crowd have no problem with another kind of death penalty where there is no due process for the executed, and where the executed has committed no crime other than to be conceived at an inopportune time in his would-be mother's life. It also appears that many in this crowd holds the life of the murderer in higher esteem and more worthy than the lives of the victims who died at his hands, and of the victims' families.

I don't know much of what to make of it. Just another anomaly in the sometimes twisted world in which we live.

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