Friday, December 09, 2005

Slick Willie? More like greasy Willie...

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Trying to get back in the good graces of the environmental radical socialist left (a crowd in which he no doubt feels comfortable).:

MONTREAL (Reuters) - Former U.S. President Bill Clinton told U.N. climate talks in Canada on Friday that the Bush administration was "flat wrong" to reject the Kyoto accord and said cutting greenhouse gases was good for business and the planet.

In an impassioned speech to hundreds of delegates and nongovernmental groups, Clinton rejected a major tenet of the Bush administration's argument for pulling out of the Kyoto Protocol emissions pact in 2001.

Wow.... but at the same time Ol Slicko comes up with an excuse for why he rejected the same treaty:

Clinton, whose administration negotiated Kyoto in 1997 but never submitted it to a skeptical Senate for ratification, said the belief that Kyoto would hurt the economies of developed nations was "flat wrong."

"We know from every passing year we get more and more objective data that if we had a serious, disciplined effort to apply on a large scale existing clean energy and energy conservation technologies that we could meet and surpass the Kyoto targets easily in a way that would strengthen, not weaken, our economies," he said.

This slimebucket had nearly four years to submit that treaty for ratification to the Senate. Whydidn't he? Was it because that deep down he knew that it was bad idea based not on environmentalism but on "get-evenism" from the socialist "have nots"? Clinton didn't want to take the fall in being responsible for such an odious treaty; so, much like his nonexistent response to terror, he didn't have the cajones to put his money where his mouth is (or his cigar from where his mouth was?). Just like everything else, he was perfectly willing to leave the hard decisions for the next Prez, and is now perfectly willing to criticize and blame others for his mistakes and ineffectiveness in a lame attempt to fix his legacy.

I believe that it is safe to say that one could travel the world over, and literally scrape every barrel, and still be hard pressed to find slime that is at a lower level than is our ex "perpetrator in chief."

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