Monday, December 19, 2005

A message from Afghanistan

This message came to me from a good friend of mine (we've known each other since grade school), who was about to embark on his third tour of duty to Iraq, but was instead assigned at the last minute to help train the Afghani police force:


I arrived in Kabul a few days ago. All is well. The trip here was long but uneventful. The weather here is somewhat better then your having in Chicago though. 50's in the day but chilly at night. Winter, I'm assured is on the way.

Got right to work. Yesterday I met with the Chief of Education for the Afghan National Police, a Major General, pretty formal kind of thing with all the traditional Islamic courtesies and diplomacy. That'll take me some getting used Also met with General Director for the Education Ministry for Afghanistan...all introductory kind of stuff. She's a woman. A big deal for this culture. I'm not sure but I think I saw her on TV once.

My accommodations here don't compare to Iraq and definitely not to home. This country is definitely the land time forgot. These people have nothing, and I mean nothing. Outside the city is a moonscape, all mined since the Russian occupation. Most of what I've seen so far makes Mosul look like a world class city. These people have a long way to go just to enter the 19th century, much less the 20th. As far as I can tell they want the help too. But you can never tell what goes on behind their smiles at you. This ones gonna be a real education for me.

I don't have all email addresses to catch everyone. If some didn't get this give them my regards please or pass this on to them. If they email me I can add their address to this data base.

Have a blessed Christmas!

Godspeed, Hal.

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