Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Yet another enemy taking a cue from the democrat party...

From here:

Associated Press Writer
Dec 21 11:25 AM US/Eastern

BAGHDAD, Iraq - After several hours of quietly listening to testimony, Saddam Hussein launched into an extended rant at his trial Wednesday, alleging that he had been beaten "everywhere on my body" while in detention.

The trial's chief prosecutor said that if American-led multinational forces were abusing the former Iraqi leader, he would be transferred into the custody of Iraqi troops.

"Yes I have been beaten, everywhere on my body. The marks are still there," Saddam told the court, without saying who had allegedly beaten him. "And I'm not complaining about the Americans because I can poke their eyes with my own hands."
Now look for Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Olympia Snowe to use this as cover to rush to Saddam's defense, claiming that Bush authorized torture against Hussein.

It would be laughable, if it wasn't at once so sad.

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