Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Big Lie of stem cell research...

Believe me folks, the concept of embryonic stem cell research is nothing but a welfare-like perk for the abortion industry. Although there have been snake-oil-like promises from the pro-death camps of the wonders of embryonic stem cell research, quite the opposite has been the case.

But of course, those deeply entrenched in the culture of death will fight for it tooth and nail like a hell-hound bent at getting the last maggot-infested scrap of roadkill from satan's backyard barbeque. Take Mike Hatch, for example:

Hatch presses Pawlenty on stem cell research

ELECTION 2006: As in Wisconsin's gubernatorial race, the DFL-endorsed candidate for Minnesota governor focuses on difficult question for GOP.


Funding for embryonic stem cell research -- a splintering issue among Republicans -- is playing an increasingly prominent role in the gubernatorial campaign of DFL candidate Mike Hatch.

In renewing a call to put $100 million in state money toward the budding research, Hatch and his allies worked Monday to portray Gov. Tim Pawlenty as indecisive on an issue where medical promise and moral concerns intersect.

"He has dodged and avoided this issue," Attorney General Hatch said of the Republican governor. "He keeps claiming this is a federal issue. It's not a federal issue. It's a state issue. We can advance here."

First of all, that's $100 million in TAXPAYER money, not "state" money, Mr. Hatch.

On a moral level, Hatch just doesn't understand, or is willfully ignorant.

There are a whole lot of citizens in Minnesota who believe (correctly) that a human life begins at conception. But Mike Hatch is willing to use many millions of those taxpayers' dollars to contribute to performing Frankenstein-like research, that culimates in termination of the lives of what those taxpayers consider to be human beings!

Confiscating money from a person who believes that life begins at conception, to destroy what they believe to be human life, is every bit as offensive to his/her sensibilities as would be confiscating money from a Jew to fund the death camps at Treblinka and Dachau.

But even on a practical level, Hatch still doesn't understand, or is just blatantly ignorant.

Embryonic stem cell research has and continues to hold less promise than does adult stem cell research. Embryonic stem cell research has yet to be conducted on humans. Why? Well, the dirty little secret regarding embryonic stem cells, is that they are quite unstable. When injected into mice, they do NOT grow into liver cells, or brain cells or what have you. They grow tumors and tend to mutate.

Adult stem cells, on the other hand, are quite stable and show great promise in research.

There is nothing new nor shocking in what I have presented here. This information is out there for all to see. Embryonic stem cells are unstable and unreliable. Embryos, the beginnings of human life, must be killed in order to harvest them.

So why Mike Hatch's push for embryonic stem cell research, when adult stem cell research holds much more promise?

Can anyone say, abortion lobby?

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