Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Nancy Pelosi at Farm Fest?

It would appear that only a short while after attacking Michelle Bachmann for bringing in the "divisive" Karl Rove for a fundraiser and criticizing Bachman needing for bringing in support from outside Minnesota, Patty Wetterling is bringing in that wondeful uniter from Congress, Nancy Pelosi--to none other than farm fest!

Can you imagine the mega-millionaire, elite liberal Nancy Pelosi on a farm, trying to hobnob with and relate to people from what she and other liberal elites term, "flyover country"?

Heh... I can just see her attempt now....

::::::cartoon bubble appears:::::::

From a MN GOP press release:

Jet-Setting Liberal Elite Nancy Pelosi Campaigns at Farmfest, Set to Raise Big Money for Wetterling

“When I heard that a jet-setting liberal elite like Nancy Pelosi was going to be at Farmfest, I thought it had to be a misprint. About the only farm products Nancy Pelosi is familiar with are the wine and brie served at her lavish San Francisco fundraisers.

“By bringing in Pelosi to help her raise big money, Patty Wetterling once again demonstrates how out of touch she is with the common sense residents of the Sixth Congressional District.”

- Ron Carey, Chairman of the Republican Party of Minnesota

-heh... yeah, Nancy Pelosi fits right in with the values of the conservative MN 6th CD like a jihadist would fit in at a Lutheran churchlady social.

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