Monday, August 28, 2006

Hezbollywood...and their liberal media dupes...

In the recent hostilities between Lebanon and Israel, nothing played more of a part in the prosecution of the conflict than did the propaganda machine put forth by Hezbollah.

Between staged dead baby photos to staging scenes of injured people, the Hezbos waged a successful war of propaganda that helped turn the tide of the war against Israel, and allowed them precious extra time which to re-arm and to fight another day.

But make no mistake. The Hezbo's propaganda campaign was not staged unilaterally. From bad photoshops to blatant amateur hollywood staging, the Hezbos needed to bank on the help of the useful anti-semitic idiots in the western media in order for their efforts to gain any traction. They banked well. Take this expose by Zombietime which thoroughly chronicled an alleged Israeli attack on a Lebanese ambulance, which was lapped up by the leftist British media like a crack whore accepting a five-spot for a roll. This story, of course, was proof to the anti-semites in the media that Israel was capable of committing war crimes. This faux story was utilized quite successfully in turning world opinion against Israel and calling for the ceasefire now in place.

The problem is, that "story," presented as fact, could have just as well have been written by the Brothers Grimm.

Question: After their being duped, willingly or otherwise, by amateur photoshopphers and amateur Hezbollywood stagers on multiple occasions; in what manner, shape or form are we, the intended consumers of the MSM's bilge, able to trust that what they are reporting is actually the truth?

The era of a "credible" media, if it ever did exist, is certainly dead.