Friday, August 18, 2006

On the losing side of yet another issue...

Last time I looked outside, Minnesota was not Connecticut. Yet Becky Lourey seems to think that it is:
They are vying for the DFL nomination to face Republican Gov. Tim Pawlenty, who is heavily favored in his party's primary.

Lourey, a state senator from Kerrick, is tapping into an issue that hits close to home for her. Lourey's son, Matthew, was killed when his Army helicopter pilot was shot down in Iraq in 2005.

"We are becoming less safe in Minnesota because of this war," Lourey said at a Capitol news conference. "It is time for states to take an active role."

As governor, Lourey said she would attempt to bring Minnesota Guard troops home. She didn't give a specific timeline. She said she would form a coalition with other governors who want to assert a stronger state role in Guard deployments.

War politics played a heavy role last week in Connecticut, where Ned Lamont's anti-war message lifted him to a Democratic primary victory over incumbent Sen. Joe Lieberman. Lieberman, a centrist now campaigning as an independent in the general election, has supported the war.

Lourey drew parallels between herself and Lamont.

"You look at that race and the winner is a businessman. I am a business woman. The winner was anti war and I am a peace advocate," Lourey said. "There is a relationship here."
I feel for the sacrifice that Becky's son made. If my kid was killed, I too would be grieving like there is no tomorrow. But I would also honor his sacrifice, as well as those soldiers who are left behind in theatre, by honoring their mission.

Again, get it straight--being a "peace advocate" has nothing to do with garnering a lasting peace; especially given the enemy we are fighting today.

A true peace advocate who knows history knows that the only way to peace when faced with a bloodthirsty, non-principled enemy is to A. Obliterate the enemy; or, B. Make it so painful for the enemy to wage war so as hostilities cease.

Just as there was no negotiating with Tojo's Japanese during WWII until they felt the pain and threat of nuclear warfare, there is no negotiating with Islamo-fascists who will not rest until nearly all of the world is Muslim and the remainder are put into dhimmi servitude.

But tell that to the likes of Lourey or Jack Murtha.

It still isn't safe to vote democrat.