Monday, August 21, 2006

Just a quick observation...

I listened to President Bush's news conference this morning, and I'm sure it's been well covered by many blogs out there. I just got back from a two and a half hour drive from vacationing in Detroit Lakes, and listening to the radio, I have a small, yet not insignificant observation. The top-of the hour radio newscasts played select snippets that appeared to play to their agenda, but for some reason the dinosaur media out a key element of Bush's address with regard to Iraq that he tried to hammer home no less than four times during the hour. Said Bush:

"Any sign that says we're going to leave before the job is done simply emboldens terrorists and creates a certain amount of doubt for people, so they won't take the risk necessary to help a civil society evolve in the country.

And this is a campaign __ I'm sure they're watching the campaign carefully. There are a lot of good, decent people saying: Get out now; vote for me; I will do everything I can to, I guess, cut off money is what they're trying to do to get our troops out.

It's a big mistake. It would be wrong, in my judgment, for us to leave before the mission is complete in Iraq."

Again, Bush hammered this point home time and time again today... not like it was merely a throwaway line. Why is not this substantive response to cut-and-run advocates seeing the light of day?

Geeze... I wonder...

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