Friday, August 25, 2006

Off to do battle with the Hugh-ster...

Yours truly will be pariticipating on a trivia team to do battle with none other than the Czar of the blogosphere, star of stage, screen, radio, and bobblehead dolls; just back from his tour of Africa, China and the sub-continent, Hugh Hewitt!

This gala affair (to benefit Soldiers Angels) will pit Minnesota's finest trivia teams with Hugh Hewitt's all-star trivia team (to be named later).

This will be held tomorrow night at Keegan's in Minneapolis at 9pm (enough time for Hewitt to get to Keegan's after his show).

I'll be knocking heads with none other than my good friends Jeff Kouba (Peace Like a River, Bachmann vs. Wetterling, Security Watchtower), John Stewart (The Night Writer) and Uncle Ben Worley (Hammerswing 75) as the Beaver.

So head on down to Keegan's tomorrow night, for an evening of fun, brain splitting trivia; and, if you're not careful, I just may regale you with stories about Uncle Ben's errant cockatiels!


Chad the Elder, when figuring out the odds, says of our team (3 weddings and a funeral):
5. Three Weddings and a Funeral 8-1: A group of local right-wing bloggers who prove that while nice guys don't always finish last, they usually don't win either.
The gauntlet has been thrown... the die has been cast... the Guiness has been spilled on the floor...

This means war!


Lawn mowed? Check.

Laundry done? Check.

Shower taken? Check.

Check Twins batting averages? Check.

Full tank of gas? Check

Cigars? Check.

Let's roll!!!

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