Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Emily Litella, where are you?

I guess I wasn't the only one to notice that the dire expectations of the moonbat enviro-whacko left regarding hurricanes did not materialize.

Forecasters lower hurricane


MIAMI - The 2006 Atlantic hurricane season should be slightly less active than originally predicted, federal forecasters said Tuesday.

Forecasters now expect there to be 12 to 15 named storms and seven to nine hurricanes, the
National Hurricane Center and other National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration agencies said
Err...word to forecasters--Right now we're only on storm #3, and it's losing steam. Still no hurricanes. I'll bet the envirowhackos are turning religious right now, hoping against hope that they'll have another season with which to try to scare the bejesus out of us...

Three or four could be major hurricanes with sustained winds of at least 111 mph, forecasters said.

Government scientists made their first prediction in May, saying the season could produce 13 to 16 named storms, and eight to 10 hurricanes, four to six of which could become major.

There have been only three tropical storms and no hurricanes so far, but August through October are typically the most active months of the season.

Forecasters warned coastal residents not to let their guard down.

::::yawwwn:::: (lip smack) didja say something?

Again, if weather forecasters and enviro-whackos can't predict a hurricane season three months in, how the HELL are they going to predict global warming catastrophe eons, or even ten years into the future?

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