Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Some reflections regarding today...

As August 22nd draws to a close, some parting thoughts...

It appears that nothing earth shattering happened today. I am happy that my worst fears were not realized, and I am happy to be called wrong in this instance.

Now realize, that I'm not one prone to believing chicken little stories. When the enviro-whackos predicted increasingly catastrophic hurricane seasons brought about by man-made global warming, I not-so politely said, "Bunk!".

When doomsayers since time immemoriam predicted untold catastrophes signaling the end of the world, I always thought of the Biblical admonition of "No one knows the day or time...except my Father in Heaven," and paid their predictions little heed.

But this August 22nd was different. For the first time in my lifetime of 46 years, a doomsday scenario seemed altogether plausible.... not brought about by a deity, or by man-made global warming, but by an Iranian madman who by all accounts seems to believe that he is an Islamic prophet. Given the bloodthirstiness of the Islamic fundamentalist mindset, again, to me, this was an altogether plausible scenario.

Again, I am happy that I was wrong to think that an armageddon-like scenario would happen this day. However, I am not discounting the fact that it will one day, indeed occur.

This anticipated day of reckoning, in my estimation, has merely been put off, not postponed indefinitely. The day will certainly come when the western world will have to confront Islamic fascism, or face annihilation. The more we cowtow to the likes of Ahmadinejad... the more we deny the reality of the enemy we face, the more a certainty that this ultimate showdown will indeed materialize; and the more certain it will be that we will be able to do little about it when it does.

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