Friday, August 25, 2006

Regarding "reality" checks...

Like this Bush/Bachmann hit piece on the Number Four:

Reality Check: Cost Of Bush's Minnesota Visit


Pat Kessler

(WCCO) Many people are wondering about the cost of President Bush's visit to Minnesota this week.

His stop in the Twin Cities was part health policy and part campaign politics and nothing is easy or cheap when a president travels.

Taxpayers picked up most of the tab for Bush's Minnesota trip on Tuesday, even though it included campaign fundraising.

Here's what you NEED TO KNOW.

Republican Congressional candidate Michele Bachmann's campaign paid $40,000 to bring Bush to Minnesota. That is nowhere near the total cost of the trip.

A prolific fund-raiser, Bush generated more than $500,000 for Bachmann, but he also set aside 50 minutes for a public forum on healthcare and there is a reason for that, so THAT'S NOT THE WHOLE STORY here.

By coupling a policy event with a campaign fund-raiser, the
White House
-- under any president of any party -- can reduce the amount of money political candidates must pay to bring the fund-raiser-in-chief to town.

No matter where the president goes, taxpayers pick up the tab for Air Force One, which costs about $57,000 an hour. The total cost for Air Force One for Bush's latest trip to Minnesota: $228,000.
Hey Kessler--another "reality check"--

What about the "reality" that you wouldn't have given this a second thought during one of then-President Clinton's visits while stumping here during the 1990s. Or even of the taxpayers' cost of his secret service detail when he makes speeches overseas, many of them criticial of U.S. policies.

How's that for a "reality check," Mr. Kessler?