Tuesday, August 22, 2006

A letter from Mark Kennedy...

Dear Kennedy Supporter,

Tomorrow, August 23, is the last day before the end of a critical reporting period. Both campaigns will release their fundraising numbers to the public. By donating right now, you can help me stay ahead of Amy Klobuchar and her extremely liberal friends.

In fact, the liberal leaders of Washington DC are doing everything they can to funnel money into Amy Klobuchar’s campaign…..

· Hillary Clinton hosted a fundraiser for Amy in New York City and gave her a $10,000 contribution from her leadership PAC.

· Barbara Boxer is raising money for Amy on her website and also wrote a $10,000 check from her leadership PAC.

· Harry Reid made a $10,000 contribution from his leadership PAC.

· John Kerry mailed a nationwide fundraising email for Amy.

· John Edwards visited Minnesota for Amy just last week.

And to top it all off, Bill Clinton is coming to town in September to raise money for Amy and the DFL. They are clearly pulling out all the stops.

I’m sending you this email today to personally ask for your help in the next twenty-four hours and during the next two months as I battle to win this crucial campaign and keep the Senate in Republican hands.

I need to know as soon as possible if I can count on your help once more.

Make no mistake, the liberals are holding absolutely nothing back in their effort to defeat me and take control of the Senate. My opponent in this campaign, Amy Klobuchar, is receiving massive funding from just about every liberal special interest group in the country:

· Big Labor has already funneled Amy Klobuchar’s campaign more than $85,000.

· Her fellow lawyers have kicked in a whopping $289,000.

· And the extremist pro-abortion group “EMILY’s List” has already sent nearly $500,000!

Just recently, Senator Chuck Schumer and the Democrat Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC), placed $2 million worth of TV time against me for the month of October.

So today I need your help to counter the influence of all the liberals working against me. They know this race will come down to the wire.

My friend, with so much on the line, I really hope I can count on you once again in the next 24 hours of this crucial election!

With just two months to go, will you show your support for my campaign by making a secure online contribution within the next 24 hours, whether it’s $25 or $2100.

To win this race, we also need a lot of manpower. Volunteers are the foundation of my campaign. If you can find a few hours in the next few weeks, I could sure use your help. To learn more about volunteer opportunities please click here.

Whatever you can contribute, your time or money, please know that you have my deepest appreciation and heartfelt thanks for your generosity. We will win this race in November.


Mark Kennedy

P.S. I just returned from a 13-city tour of Minnesota where I unveiled my plan to bring the Right Kind of Change to Washington. Real change requires real work and a real plan. Visit my website to see my thoughts on bringing solutions to the Senate, not just complaints.

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