Sunday, April 05, 2009

American Child Killers?

From a leftist at a forum I came across:
"Our country kills children all over the world. Whether it's the fault of terrorists or not, is this how we want to remembered when our country is nuked. Do we want to be remembered as child killers?"
To which I responded:
This is one of the favorite devices of the rabid left: Take their wrongs, and divert attention from them by projecting them onto others.

The leftist ideology in guises of communism, socialism, et al. has served to literally murder millions of people, including millions of children. From Castro, to Pol Pot, to Stalin, to Lenin, to Mao, to [insert your favorite despot here]; and not only do leftists make excuses for these murdering despots, they want to emulate them and their tactics. To destroy in order to remake has been the hallmark of leftists, since Komrade Karl Marx wrote in his Manifesto, (to parpahrase) "Everything that exists deserves to be destroyed."

This culture of leftist nihilism has even invaded our shores, in the form of the thousands of innocents murdered on a daily basis on the altar of abortion.

So, yes, in that vein, America does have a population of baby killers.

They're called leftists.