Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The Right Wing Secret World Takeover Plot

My first post shall show you all that the evil right is actually plotting to take over the world.

Exhibit A: Manifest Destiny. I know what your saying, Polk was a democrat, Incorrect, this is simply a lie to misinform the masses, I have edited his Wikipedia page to show the correct information

Manifest Destiny started out as a republican tried to take over the entire world! And with Polk spearheading the operation, everyone on the republican side was sure of victory, if it wasn't for OUR SAVIOR BARACK OBAMA, they would of succeeded, but thankfully Obama hopped on his magic time machine and saved the free world and stopped Manifest Destiny Right at the end of the country.

Pictured: Obama's Magic Time Machine

Exhibit B: George Bush

George Bush has repeatedly attempted to take over the world, Look at Iraq and Afghanistan! This man has taken out a system of government that was working quite well. I mean, the Afgani's and Iraqis' loved Saddam and Osama, just look at these smiling faces

They loved Saddam. But NOOOO George Bush wanted his oil war! Even though there was plenty of other reliable sources of fuel for your evil cars!

Bush chose war over this

Bush is an evil man and the best thing that happened to this country was him leaving!
Well... Next to Obama Coming in and saving us!

Look at him. That's the true face of evil!

Final Exhibit: The Evil Corporations!

The corperations, are evil... what more is to be said!