Monday, April 27, 2009

Time's Top 100 of 2009 announced-4Chan Pwns TIME!

The winner, m00t. Creator of the popular imageboard site called 4chan. Most people are flabbergasted at the results, saying people like Obama, Putin, or Oprah are NOT on the top of list. However the results are none too surprising to me when you note the other top winners on the list

(click to enlarge)

Note when you read the first letter of every name, you get mARBLECAKEALSOTHEGAME, the game referring to a popular 4chan meme, where the rules state that if you think of the game, you lose. This shows that not only is m00t the most influental person on the planet, but the others are merely there because /b/(a popular area on the board that is responsible for this) want them there.

On other news earlier today ESPN's manhood was challenged when a webdesigner put in a wonderful Easter Egg that made ponies and unicorns appear whenever you typed in the Konami Code (Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Enter) and then click on any button afterwords. The egg was taken down but you can still see the effects by Googling ESPN then clicking Cached then inputing the code.