Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Wages of "The Culture of Death?"

For years now we've been told that we need to de-populate mother earth, either through the use of contraception, or via its insidious stepchild, abortion. As the Abortion Ticker shows on the sidebar of this blog, over 12,000,000 would-be American citizens never got a chance to take a breath because of abortion--and that's only been since the year 2000.

While in the dominant leftist culture, where death and/or the absence of more life is more or less glorified as the cleansing required to re-make the world and to downsize humanity's carbon footprint and affront against the earth's natural resources, another "death cult" has been making other plans.

While the video doesn't really make a direct link between the twin practices of contraception and abortion (with the latter often being utilized as the former) and the downslide of re-population in European and North American countries, there can be no denying that their impact has been nothing less than marked.

Like the global warming hoax, the nattering about the supposed ticking population bomb was ill-thought out from the start, and like the global warming hoax, we, our children, and their children's children will continue to pay the price. And pay it dearly.

Hope you enjoy your brave new world, liberals.

You created it. And now we all have to live in it.