Sunday, April 26, 2009

Cue the Music!!! Part MMCLXXI

:::Channeling Karl Marx::::::

cue music first!!)

"Our dear
Komrade from Bloomington, Rep. Ann Lenczeswki, from glorious Minnesota DFL Party, had this shining example of my wonderful (from each according to his means, to each according to his needs) philosophy:

"This bill proposes the most significant tax overhaul in 20 years," said the bill's chief author Rep. Ann Lenczeswki, DFL-Bloomington.

In addition to the tax hikes, Lenczewski's bill removes a variety of tax breaks for homeowners and businesses. Charitable contributions, the mortgage interest tax deduction and the property tax deduction for homeowners are eliminated and replaced with a tax credit based on income. The bill also eliminates several business tax breaks, like the Research and Development credit and parts of the governor's JOBZ program.

Lenczewski said she wants to clean up the state's tax code.

"Which is to sweep the tax code clean of all of the preferential treatment and subsidies and things we can't afford anymore and instead bring a fairer, more progressive income tax to Minnesotans based on the ability to pay," she said.
I am sure that if Komrades Stalin or Lenin were alive to see this glorious party member in action, they, too would be giving Komrade Lenczewski standing ovation!

Bravo, Komrade Lenczewski! You do DFL party proud!" (::::Karl Marx Out:::)


Really, folks, all kidding aside, If Ann Lenczewski and the Minnesota Democrat (DFL) party want to hang themselves by taking away homeowners' mortgage deductions on their state income taxes, I say, give them the rope.

It has proven to be axiomatic that when liberals get ahold of vast amounts of power, they will inevitably over-reach.

Their tax-raising orgies at the state legislature (not to mention at the federal level) will prove to be their undoing.

(h/t Gary Gross)