Monday, May 15, 2006

Live blogging Immigration speech...

6:56pm CDT

I'm going to try to live blog this in between Bush' words and folding laundry...


Recognizing the problems with immigration system...

Not in complete control with borders... DUhhhh

And he used "the jobs that Americans don't want to do" Phrase... JUMP THE SHARK moment, there...

No they DON'T LIVE IN THE SHADOWS... have you been on the streets of L.A. within the last month?

Vast majority of illegal immigrants work hard, lead responsible lives??? They are Breaking the LAW


Borders should be enforced, shut out to illegal immigrants...

Increased funding for border security 66%... increased from 9,000 to 12,000 border agents...

By the end of 2008, increase border patrol # by 6,000.

Motion sensors, UAV will be deployed.

IMMEDIATE Steps until this transition takes place.

Use of National Guard to assist border patrol.

For a period of one year, to be reduced until new agents and technologies come on line.

Work cooperatively on BOTH sides of border? Tell that to Vicente Fox.


No more catch and release...

Vast majority did not show up for court dates... Duhhh...

End catch and release at the Southern Border once and for all... Hmmm...

Temporary worker program!! !!!! AAARGH!!!

Walk across miles of dessert in the summer heat... poor things.

Still nothing about fining employers for hiring illegals!!!!

Temporary worker MUST return to their country of origin when their time is done. FAT CHANCE.


Finally, words about the employers...

New ID card for every legal foreign worker--tamper proof?

Current illegals no automatic path to citizenship. Good.

Middle ground???

Differences between illegal who's crossed the border illegally and one who's crossed the border a long time ago??

Not amnesty???

I don't think so.


Assimilation into American society?

Must learn English. Ok--I can live with that.

Story about the soldier who wanted to be a citizen? I think automatic in those cases...

7:18pm... thank you, and goodnight...

***** recap...

My thoughts: Much of this was a start. Beefing up the border now with the National Guard until the high-tech and the 6000 extra border control was a good idea.

But I couldn't get past the "guest worker" program. Bush seemed to think that they'd actually go back after their "guest worker" permit has expired. Judging by the "catch and release" program Bush mentioned, in which the ones "released" don't show up for court dates doesn't bode well for this kind of faith. Also, wasn't it true that many of those involved in the 9/11 hijackings had overstayed their visas?

And again, why even the need for a "guest worker" program, unless to provide "cheap labor"? Like illegal immigration, it would do nothing but depress wages for Americans who would take the job if a decent wage were offered, and narrows the labor market for entry level workers. Not to mention that it does nothing to solve the problem of overburdening our health care and school systems.

The Mexican government needs to take care of its own. Our citizens are our first priority.

And sorry, I don't buy that there's a difference from one guy who's just jumped the border and another who jumped the border years ago. They are both lawbreakers. This is much akin to saying one who was just caught robbing banks should be subject to more of a punishment than one who robbed a bank years ago but hadn't managed to get caught at it. Let the person go back to whence he came, and apply legally, and wait in line like the rest of those who actually have respect for our laws.

In sum, Bush gave some good stuff to chew on, but on balance, IMO, it still falls woefully short of what needs to be done.


Going up and down the blogrolls, with the exception of Little Cicero, nobody else is overly enamoured with the President's speech, either.

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