Monday, May 22, 2006

More a purple state than a red state?

The folks at the Star Diaper are having coniptions:
The latest Star Tribune Minnesota Poll provoked gasps of disbelief last week. The poll found that more people in Hubert Humphrey's home state now call themselves Republicans than Democrats. Republican-identified Minnesotans outnumbered Democrats 29 percent to 25 percent.

We shouldn't put Minnesota Democrats on the endangered species list just yet, and Republicans can hardly break out the champagne. But the poll -- with its 3.6 percentage-point margin of sampling error -- clearly confirms that the two parties are now at parity in our state.

One thing is certain: It's not your granddad's Minnesota anymore.

Minnesota, once thought of as a solid Blue State, is now a Purple State: politically up for grabs. What's going on?

Demographic changes may be part of the explanation.

It is my firm belief that demographics changes are only a very small part of the explanation.  The larger explanation is that the further left that the democrat party goes, the fewer of its followers can relate and sign on to the party.  When you have a party whose belief system more closely resembles the values of the People's Republic of China than mainstreet America, you've jumped the shark. 

With any luck, the democrats will still be scratching their heads as to why come November.

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