Friday, May 05, 2006

Dirty Tricks Afoot at CD 16 Convention...


If I hadn't checked my credentials, I would have found it very hard to believe that I'm at a Republican Convention.

The Bachmann campaign was busy for the last hour and a half trying to manipulate the rules to serve their purposes. First of all, one could see that Bachmann's campaign manager was up there with what could only be described as color-coded, red and green cards, and giving what appeared to be (yeah I know this sounds crazy and black-helicopter like, but--) marching orders to Bachmann delegates, who appeared to be well coordinated in their motions to amend the rules. The first attempt was a motion that one could not adjourn the meeting until all the business on the agenda was completed. Then a move to get a credentials report for every third vote. Finally, there was a last minute amendment for the candidates to limit their floor time to 15 minutes. Mind you, all of these motions were put forth by people in blue Bachmann shirts. And all the while there was the Bachmann guy in the blue sport coat, waving red and green flash cards.

The first-mentioned amendment passed; the second was voted down, and the third amendment (that would limit candidate presentations to 15 minutes) went down on a vote of 133-128--(curious how all those standing for the vote were Bachmann supporters).

Many of the other delegates noticed the same shenannigans that I did, and many were just as disgusted with the goings on.

I received a call from Michelle Bachmann herself last night, wondering if I would be at the convention tonight (I had already told her that I was supporting Esmay). I cannot say this for sure, but it is my opinion that she was testing the waters, and that Andy's "rumor" was more likely than not true. If all of the "tweaks" proposed by the Bachmann campaign were made a reality, a "perfect storm" may have occurred that would have called for an early endorsement tonight. Bachmann, prepared with a 15-minute presentation, would catch all the other candidates, who had 1/2-hour presentations prepared, off guard.

This kind of crap fries me. I expect underhanded, under-the-table tactics by democrats. That is who they are.

I don't expect such tactics and will not tolerate those kind of tactics from Republicans.

In case Ms. Bachmann ever wondered why I'm not supporting her (and will refuse to lift a finger for her even if she is endorsed), I invite her to read the above.

I'm one Republican delegate that doesn't take kindly to being manipulated.


Brain fart on my part-- gads--I woke up this morning and thought, "You idiot--it's CD-6, not 16!"

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