Thursday, May 04, 2006

National Day of Prayer...

The folks at VOM (Voice of the Martyrs) are asking for your prayers today (other days would be helpful, too).

From The Voice of the Martyr's USA prayer alert this week.

(Courtesy of Compass Direct)INDONESIA

On April 9th, a Muslim community group called Majlis Taklim entered the premises of a Christian social institution in West Java, Indonesia, demanding its closure for the fifth time this year. The Apostolic Nation Building Foundation (ABB) operates from a residential building in West Bekasi district, West Java. Around 70 Majlis Taklim members came to the ABB headquarters on April 9th, and told the foundation to cease all activities, accusing them of running an illegal church and trying to "Christianize" the community. The staff immediately called the police who arrived and monitored the situation. There was no violence. Majlis Taklim coordinator, Radesman Saragih, said church members should take the warning seriously or be prepared to face unspecified negative consequences.

Pray members of the ABB will stand firm in their faith and their witness of Jesus' love for His enemies. Pray the calm responses to the demands for closing this institution will convince Muslims that Christians are not harming anyone. Give thanks to God there has been no violence in these confrontations.

(Compass Direct) NIGERIA
The latest attack on the Rt. Rev. Ali Buba Lamido, 47-year-old Anglican Bishop of Wusasa diocese in Kaduna state, began as the past year's previous three did: armed men, whom he believes were Muslim militants, asked the guards at his home where he was, announcing they were going to kill him. This time, on March 10th, a guest of one of his guards was shot dead. The guard and another worker were seriously injured. The four attacks on his house since April 2005, have involved no attempted robbery. "It is difficult to believe it was not religiously motivated, because some bishops have been attacked and one priest was murdered in a similar way," he said. "And the killers never stole anything from their houses."

Pray God will continue to protect Bishop Lamido. Pray he will have the forgiving spirit of Christ toward the attackers and will encourage the Christian community to pray for their enemies. Pray the Holy Spirit will overcome the spirit of violence controlling the Muslims in Nigeria.

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