Thursday, May 04, 2006

A scumbag continues to walk...

One of the 9/11 perpetrators (the only one put on trial to date) has received a life sentence.

I have mixed emotions on this. Yeah, of course you want to see him being skinned alive while hanging from his balls; but on the other hand, perhaps the right decision was made but for the wrong reasons.

Really, I don't give a flying frig in a rolling donut whether he was abused early on, or even if his father made him watch reruns of The West Wing over and over again while listening to Hillary Clinton being blared on his stereo.

People are abused all the time and don't end up by becoming mass murderers.

The only, (and it's a stretch) positive that can be seen from this verdict is that Moussaoui no longer has the prestige of becoming a "martyr for the cause." No 72 virgins for him.

But that being said, what was the difference in this verdict, which was handed down at least partially with regard to his upbringing, etc., and the verdict handed down to Timothy McVeigh?

If Moussaoui was not fit to be put to death for his role in a plot that resulted in over 3000 American/foreign deaths on American soil, then why was not Timothy McVeigh afforded the same "courtesy" for his role in the death of 300+?

What, in essence, was the difference between Moussaoui and McVeigh?

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