Thursday, March 30, 2006

Little Cicero hits it on the head...

Little Cicero explores the difference between liberal expediency and doing the right thing:

That being said, I will relate this to government affairs:

  • It is easy to take society’s collective wealth and pass it over to those who need it.

  • It is easy to tolerate immoral actions on the basis of the fact that someone else finds it immoral, in the interest of tolerance for others.

  • It is easy to solve the problem of gun crimes by simply getting rid of all guns.

  • It is easy to avoid theocracy by completely eradicating all traces of religion from society.

  • It is easy to avoid offending races or creeds out of which a disturbingly disproportionate number of criminals or terrorists come by simply ignoring the trends and turning to absolute tolerance.
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If Little Cicero is emblematic of the youth in this nation, our future is indeed in good hands.

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