Saturday, March 04, 2006

So that's where Elvis went...

If you ever wondered what ever became of Elvis Presley, look no further than here.

Like, Elvis on the moon, for instance:

Or... at the 2004 Athens Olympics...

Yes, I know that the lunar photograph was taken in 1971, and Elvis died in 1977. But they explain:
"Although Elvis Presley died on 16 August 1977, his ghost is often seen in photographs taken before his death. This is what is known as retrospective haunting. It would appear that Elvis enjoys travelling in his spiritual body to great historical events.

Retrospective hauntings, where ghosts travel into the past, are not very common but there is well documented evidence that Elvis Presley liked to go into the past to times in his life which gave him most pleasure."

Yep... I knew there was a rational explanation.

Funny--I don't see any 7-11 photos...

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