Sunday, April 30, 2006

Little Cicero asked for it...

Little Cicero has tagged me and challenged me to write three nice things about algore.

I've decided to take the challenge, and to take it to the extreme. With apologies to Nihlist, I offer the top 11 positive things about algore:

11. He invented the Internet...
10. He gave Buddhists (who had taken a vow of poverty) something to do with their money.
9. He made it possible for the remainder of his cronies to end up in the upper 99 percent in class ranking at Divinity School.
8. Without algore, we wouldn't know when the earth will end.
7. Without algore, we'd have to rely on less-reliable sources for our global warming news; like Art Bell.
6. Pharmaceutical companies would go out of business..
5. He made Bill Clinton look intelligent.
4. Algore would make an amoeba look intelligent.
3. Big Oil would have to find another benefactor.
2. What other politician knows how to chop, shred, spike, strip and sell tobacco?
1. Algore doesn't like Hillary Clinton.

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