Sunday, April 30, 2006

They still don't get it!

From here:

NEW YORK (AP) -- Now that immigrants have grabbed the nation's attention, what next?

Monday has been set aside for immigrants to boycott work, school and shopping to show how much they matter to their communities.

Why do they always seem to conveniently leave out the most important word in this whole friggen debate:


That's the whole crux of this debate. They are here Illegally, with no use for this country other than a job and government benefit bank. Unlike the influx of legal immigrants earlier in the last century (and who continue to this day), who wanted not only to make a better life for themselves but actually assimilate and become American, many if not most of the illegal immigrants from Mexico and elsewhere appear have no such intention. Rather, their behavior as of late appears to portend an intention to have two United States. One United States of America, one United States of Mexico. Abraham Lincoln said it best when he proclaimed that a "House divided against itself cannot stand." The illegal immigrants attempts not to assimilate but rather balkanize portends a France-Like outcome. Balkanization leads to a division of purpose, alienation, and ultimately chaos and breakdown.

But it appears to be a pocketbook issue for the businesses who hire them, and a potential boon for politicians, who salivate at the prospect of a future voting bloc of millions.

Tomorrow, illegal Mexicans will boycott stores, etc., en masse.

I call on my readers and anyone else who will listen, to make it a special point to patronize your local stores, shoppes, and other businesses in your neighborhood tomorrow, en masse.

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