Thursday, April 06, 2006

Some like it hot!

Captain Ed directs us to this site, the Hot Zone Blog, featuring all things hot n' spicy.

I see on one of their posts that they have a call for hot sauces, where they will review them and post the results.

Having grown up in Chicago, sometimes it's hard living in Minnesota, where ketchup is considered by many to be too spicy. In fact, it wasn't nothin' to me at one point in my life to down a raw habanero. Though my tastes have tempered somewhat with old age (and with less exposure to heat in food) I still love hot n' spicy food. In fact, I'm known in circles as a helluva salsa maker. While Psyc's Killer Salsa is definitely a world class concoction, I have always made it fresh and consumed the batch within a few days. But I always have considered making it into a commercial venture. I just need to know how to can it, and to find out whether it will maintain its quality when canned. It ain't cheap. A half a gallon costs around $20.00 to make.

Well... the wheels are turning...

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