Thursday, April 06, 2006

Then we'll shame you into joining us...

The Star Diaper has a drippingly sycophantic puff piece about a new conglomeration of moonbats and union thugs called TakeAction Minnesota:
...Think of it as a union of warriors and wonks -- door-knocking persuaders and number-crunching policy analysts -- and you have the basic concept behind TakeAction Minnesota, a new liberal organization that could be a potent force for DFLers in this year's elections.

The group is the product of a merger between the 12-year-old Progressive Minnesota and the 18-year-old Minnesota Alliance for Progressive Action (MAPA), both of which will cease to exist.

Progressive Minnesota was really about individuals, 5,000 members, getting people elected, or passing a school referendum," said Scott Cooper, a former MAPA board member.

"MAPA," Cooper added, "was a coalition of organizations working on how to shift issues over the long term, change attitudes and reframe debates."

TakeAction will combine those functions, said Dan McGrath, the new group's executive director who held the same position with Progressive Minnesota. TakeAction will have about 15 full-time employees and a first-year budget of as much as $700,000, he said.

There are dozens of progressive or liberal groups in the state, and TakeAction hopes to serve as a "traffic cop" to coordinate their efforts.

They claim to have been instrumental in, among other things, the election of Chris Coleman. Their next target? Why suburbia, of course!

But Annette Meeks, a veteran Republican operative and the former CEO of the Center of the American Experiment, says the group's dreams of winning over the suburbs might be a little unrealistic.

"I think they're taking too seriously a few scattered electoral successes that were due to special circumstances," Meeks said. "They're going to find that it's a lot more difficult to organize outside your existing base, which is the core of Minneapolis and St. Paul and some college campuses."

And just what will their strategery be to get the suburbs to vote their way?
"This is precisely the right moment for us," said Javier Morillo-Alicea, a group board member and president of Local 26 of the Service Employees International Unit. "We will be doing intense organizing in communities of color. ... And suburban moms don't like to think of themselves as intolerant people."
Translation: We'll just have to shame them into thinking that they're bigots if they don't vote our way.

I guess moonbat arrogance isn't limited to Dateline NBC, is it?

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