Saturday, April 29, 2006

Regarding United 93

I just got back from a sombering experience. United 93 was an experience that every American should undergo.


It was raw. It was real. No sensationalizing. Real people. Not actors, acting like they're not acting. As a matter of fact, many of the air traffic controllers in the movie are actual air traffic controllers who were on duty on that fateful day.

No sugar coating of the terrorists. No trying to explain away their actions. Raw rage. Trepidation. Fear. You saw it all in the animals who butchered people, and would have killed thousands more if not for the brave passengers that Divine providence chose to have aboard that fateful flight.

Masterfully filmed.

Throughout the showing, at the end, and even while the credits rolled, you literally could have heard a pin drop, save for the sound from the theatre speakers.

To whom it may concern:

United 93 was not made "too soon." Perhaps if it was made two or three years ago, we, as a nation, would have been more thoroughly reminded of the ferocity of the enemy with whom we are dealing.

Too many Americans have short memories. Like the phrases "Remember the Alamo!," "Remember the Maine!," and "Remember Pearl Harbor!," helped Americans nurture and maintain the will to fight during troubled times past, we need "Remember Flight 93!" as our modern day clarion call, lest our will to fight, along with the freedoms we hold dear, are remanded to the ash heap of history.

United 93, IMO, will go down as the greatest movie to rally a war generation since Mrs. Miniver took to the big screen to rally the Brits and the U.S. in WWII.

We need more "United 93s". We need to see more pictures of the animals who killed thousands of our own citizens. We need more pictures such as the ones that are on the tribute on the top- left hand column of this blog. We need to continuously be reminded of just who we are dealing with.

God help us, and our progeny, should our memories continue to fail us.


Kerry from Smoothing Plane has another great review

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