Friday, April 07, 2006

Regarding Able Providence...

U.S. 6th Congressional District Candidate Jay Esmay has this to say regarding Able Providence:
To me the object lesson for our campaign is Able Providence. Congress' solution to increase the speed and dissemination of intelligence sharing was to create additional layers of bureaucracy. This is destined to fail. Able Providence is a response from operators. If you want real solutions then get people with real experience.

Have I mentioned that I spent 5 of my 14 years on active duty flying in Special Operations? In addition, I spent my last 2 years in a highly classified intelligence command attached to the Pentagon's Joint Staff. I worked in the Intelligence Community and know the players (CIA, DIA, NSA, etc.). Since all four candidates in this race agree that National Security is the #1 priority for the Federal Government, I have to ask:"What experience do you want in your representative at the federal level? Someone who knows how Saint Paul works, or someone who is trained and experienced in fighting today's unconventional,asymmetricall war on terrorism against an enemy with no fixed location?"

I've firmly made up my mind in the matter.

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